See, today was the beginning of my first tertiary examinations in my life. Although i typically don’t like the course am doing at the moment… Wait.. That is an understatement. I abhorr it! Today was a day in which I just well did what i was supposed to do! However, coming to think about it! I hate routine, I hate a step by step way of doing things for forever! I hate math, yet its what am pursuing… See, there is always a conflict in this little world of mine, but then again isn’t it a common conflict between African parents and children? Parents fear the thought of an unsecure future for their children, but in this process, they take away a child’s right to make their own their own decisions regarding their lives. A child is only forced to be obedient because of the intense fears a parent has. When a parent fails to understand their own child’s character, it is always going to be World War three…

Taking my story as an example, my mother is in all motions in support of anything i do as long as i am rich at the end of the day… While my father does not know what creativity is and an academic degree will only for sure garantee a bright future! However I, believe in art, i believe in expression i believe in colour i believe in having the best time of your life… So my interests are in the arts, in colour in music in words, beautiful words. But this has always been a war to fight in my family so much that i have only had to succumb and died in depression for almost all my life…

And one blooper! No one knows I tend to suffer a depression sometimes, I tend to have an anxiety attack sometimes, I tend to have manic episodes and I tend to be really low… They didn’t pay attention to realise it. I was always just the lazy kid, always the quiet kid… And they never knew why!

I would love to help people realise that actually art does matter in every single thing we do and that does not mean you are dumb… Most importantly I’d want to, in my wildest dreams, make an epic impact in the awareness of art!

So here I was late for my exam, but i really don’t care whether i fail or not because i do not like this course, i just took it because one more year in my life, i am making my parents “proud” and that matters to me more, even if my dreams dont end up coming true…(I hate not to care about the things I do)

But you see, that kills me inside! It impoverishes me and takes away my joy, my essence and I really just dont function! The challenge I have given myself, is to discover myself and make a move, despite its risk! Make a move that for once, benefits me!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Hello every body! Welcome to my blog, I am Tinashe, a student at the university of Botswana. Yes! Botswana. Well, I guess I should say more about my blog… Umm this blog will be focusing on my lifestyle! Am gonna try new things and review about what i tried! Sound exciting, am already excited. It will also touch on motivational posts at times judging from my experiences and what I observe literally, it will also speak of the many ambitions i have. Guys, am literally just winging this, going with the flow, and I will see where I go!

So please bear with me if the posts seem a little too boring! I have only just began and am still exploring WordPress. So be patient with me, and advices and comments are highly recommended so I can better myself, the blog and so on and so forth.

So without further ado, I wont take much of your time as this is only an introductory blog post.

Love you all


Tinashe 🙂